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Located on the southern end of the Frost Science Museum the café overlooks the Museum Park. With 15’ high ceilings the space is full of light.

The dining area is unified by a 40’ long oak veneered plywood canopy that branches and weaves under the unfinished concrete slab above and is punctuated with orb like pendant light fixtures.  

A 16’ long light box frames the seating area and features a collage of imagery that references a diverse survey of biological and molecular systems, mapping and topography, infrastructure, circuitry, and space exploration. Compressed onto layers of printed acrylic, the images are back-lit like overgrown samples that are seen under the lens of a giant microscope.

The adjacent barista is composed of teak paneling and patterned hexagonal ceramic wall tiles that pair with the honey, wax and oak hues of the infamous Grand Prix chair by the designer Arne Jacobson in the seating area.

2018 Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects - Merit Award for Built Work

Collaboration with Felice Grodin