Miami, Fl.

Located in the up and coming neighborhood of Wynwood in Mid town Miami, the proposed 3 story apartment building responds to the growth in population of the area. The apartments in the building are double height two level open loft configurations fitted with sliding panels to provide shade with in the apartments; these panels can be adjusted by residents to control the shading with in the apartments.

The Parc loft apartments provide covered parking at the ground level, and green areas at the pool level that includes other amenities such as a gym and a tennis court, the building also includes a roof deck for social events and gatherings with views of downtown Miami and the Wynwood neighborhood. The large roof area provides for great walking areas through the roof garden.

The Wynwood area has become a gathering event for people that enjoy art and food; people from all over Miami come to be part of the art walks. Located minutes from the Wynwood walls, the Parc loft apartments provides a great starting point for an evening of gallery visits and food tasting, the Wynwood area has become a melting pot for art and food of different cultural backgrounds.