Miami Beach, FL

In 1995, our office designed 5 lifeguard towers to replace those towers that were lost in Hurricane Andrew. They quickly became iconic images that represented the emerging cultural and urban revitalization of South Beach in the 1990’s.

20 years later, we were requested by the City of Miami Beach to revisit our original designs and design 6 new prototypes to replace the 36 lifeguard towers that are located from the tip of Miami Beach at South Point Park to 86th Street. 

Much like the Moai figures on Easter Island, they are an expression for identity and culture on Miami Beach. Within the abstract detailing of the roof lines, contours, colors and materials, is the optimistic futurism of Art Deco, the local comfort of Cracker Style, and the brightness of South Florida’s tropical fauna. The towers are activators of public space and in this case of the beach itself. Unlike military watchtowers, they host lifeguards that will protect and serve. At the extreme, they can help save a life. Given the opportunity to revisit the towers, the new detailing pays close attention to environmental and programmatic design.

2017 Florida American Institute of Architects Merit Award for Built Work.