Miami, Fl.

Located in the resurgent Wynwood Arts District, the project is a eight-story apartment building with duplex units varying from 1,200 sf to 5,500 sq ft.. Parking is located on ground level with full garden deck above. Roof area is used for social gatherings and provides additional green space. The typology of the “loft” is used as a precedent and the import of it is one of the first of its kind in South Florida. Different planning configurations both horizontally and vertically were studied and implemented to provide multiple variations. For example in one triplex, you enter on the second level where the kitchen is located. Below is the living room and above the sleeping area. All three levels are open to above and total to 33 ft high. Exterior glass is maximized in order to provide light. Recessed balconies are in contrast to the surface glazing are carved into the “L” shaped volume of the structure.