Sunny Isles, FL

A veritable museum of 50's style motel architecture until the late 90’s when Sunny Isles embarked upon a redevelopment phase which has brought the wrecking ball to many of these South Florida classics. Working with the landscape architectural firm, Rosenberg Design Group, we responded to a need to provide beach access to the many residents west of US 1 in the city of Sunny Isles. In addition to the park itself, the municipality requested that we design a restroom / shade / concession building for the newly created park. Our design, which takes clues from the surrounding motels, is both whimsical and personable. The dominant element is a poured concrete boomerang canopy that is held afloat by steel columns that are tilted and multi-axial. Placed within this boomerang are two egg shaped openings that are open to the sky. Restrooms are found in the larger of the two elements and coin operated concession machines, drinking fountain, and public telephones in the smaller one.

2004 Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Merit Award for Built Work

Architecture - William Lane Architect
Landscape Design – Rosenberg Gardner Design